My Brick Party (up to 10 people)

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IF you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area Now you can have a party at Brick Forces™

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  • Birthdays
  • Company Events
  • Youth Groups
  • Adults
  • Clubs
  • Ages 4+

What do you get?

  • Professional Hosting
  • Party person gets to build and keep TWO custom minifigs
  • Guests each get to build and keep a minifig
  • Each guest gets to spin the wheel for prizes
  • Each guest gets to build and keep a Brick set
  • Stories are told about a Brick adventurer
  • High definition 4k TV is used for visuals
  • Dedicated Party space in the Brick Forces™ HQ
  • Gift bag for each guest
  • Bring your own treats (not provided)
  • Plates, cups and utensils are provided

These parties are JAM PACKED with FUN! Parents or schedulers just sit back and relax and watch.

    Easy as... 1 2 3

    1. Contact us to verify the date and time you desire
    2. Book it
    3. Come and have a BLAST!

    1-801-335-9283 |

    NOTE: Cancellations must be within 48 hours and a $50 non refundable fee will be retained for the booked time and date everything else will be refunded.