Build Memories, Brick by Brick

Build Memories, Brick by Brick

What are your memories of your parents?  Most of us can group our growing up memories into two categories: "We always," and "we never."  As I have listened to my own kids recount some of their memories, I've noticed that the happy ones often fall into the category of "we always." It seems that even if their idea of "always" doesn't match up with reality, to them it feels like those good times were never ending!

 Build Memories Brick by Brick

Maybe this is why it's so important that we fill their time time with positive memories of quality time together.  But how? Sometimes it seems like we can be from two completely different worlds, and that finding a common ground is impossible, but why is that?  

An honest look at this question would probably yield an answer like, "I can only sit through one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a day." Or, "Han who?  Is he from Star Trek?" Or, "I have no idea who Khalid is."  While they all may be valid points, we might do ourselves a favor by flipping the question.  If you were to ask your kids why finding a common interest is hard, they would probably say, it isn't.

 The fact is that our kids want to spend time with us, and usually it doesn't make much difference what it is we are doing.  Chances are, if you already have a hobby, your child watches you and wants to be part of what you are creating.  Why not carve out a little extra time and teach them as you go along?  You might even find that they have the same knack for it as you!

So what do you do if your child doesn't have any interest in your hobby?  Well, this one really shouldn't be too difficult to answer.  Sometimes we have to put aside what WE want to do, and learn more about what THEY want to do.  Video games may seem mind numbing to us, but sometimes all they want is to show us the cool world they build, or the level they just unlocked. Join in.  Who knows, maybe you might even enjoy it!  Playing with a parent rather than on their own can feel like a reward to a child.  Spend some time doing what they like to do, and maybe in return they will be more willing to spend some time doing what they DON'T like to do (i.e. dishes, cleaning bedrooms, homework. . .). 

Still no common ground?  Sounds like it's time for a new hobby.  My suggestion, of course, is to visit our store in person or online.  How fun to spend time as a family building Noah's Ark?

We have customers come in all the time telling us about their experiences building together.  We even had a grandfather email us to let us know how much his grandson likes our World War II minifigs and tanks.  So much, in fact, that he is building a diorama to enter in a brick expo with his Grandpa's help.  What a great way to bond!  

There are of course many other hobbies to pursue with our children, from trains, to gardening, to sports.  However, these colorful interlocking bricks tend to bridge the gap from youth to adulthood, while fostering creativity and team work.  

Before we know it, they will be off finding ways to spend time with their own kids.  Lets hope we are mentioned in some of their favorite "we always" memories! 

Build Memories Brick by Brick


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